In developed countries, the importance of horizontal and vertical traffic applications has been experienced for many years in the research aimed at reducing road accidents in road transport. These practices, which are made on roads and constantly warn the driver with lines and plates that have various meanings, have also been understood in our country in recent years. I should also note that I am proud to contribute to the horizontal marking sector as Altekma Group, which has made a valuable contribution to the protection of life and property safety.
Signatekma A.P. our company, all road line paints used in the world, world class and Turkey asphalt structure and climatic conditions according to the revised way we produce. I am also happy to see that our work on behalf of the use of environmental products, which are growing in importance today, in the road Line sector in Turkey, has begun to bear fruit as of 2014. In addition, we have developed sprayable double-compound road line paints that can be equivalent to thermoplastic road line paints in our R & D activities in partnership with our raw material suppliers.decoiler: I believe that we will all see the contribution of all these studies to the more effective use of Country resources together in the coming years.
Altekma A.P. our company, with 25 years of experience, is a company specializing in spraying. Our company, which makes great efforts to have its own machines, especially our municipalities in Turkey, also contributes to the training of expert staff. Our teams, which do not deliver machines without completing the training of Masters in paint, machinery and application, offer an important but invisible service to the development of the sector by training qualified labor forces in the horizontal marking sector.
Boytekma A., part of Altekma GroupŞ, Turkey's public institutions and the private sector in the field of road line contracting works to meet all the needs of the sector by revealing the difference in many issues is leading.
Doing quality work in road line application; correct selection of paint and machine is important, as well as qualified labor is important. Therefore, we have never removed our philosophy for success from the line "Good paint, good equipment and good team".
We have prepared the" road line manual " to refresh your information and help you with things you do not know. "Our line is accuracy, our principle is quality", we will continue to walk on this path with stubbornness and determination to those who try to block the front of the sector...