Signatekma A.S was established in Torbalı, Izmir in 2007.It has a production facility of 8,000 square meters with a closed area of 3,600 m2. Since its establishment, it is excited to share the knowledge and experience it has throughout its production with its valued customers.
Our company, which has expert staff engaged in the production of road line paints and traffic safety materials used in road Line sector;

From the first moment of its establishment, thanks to its importance to quality and its determination to achieve the difficult, it was recognized in the road line paint production sector in a short time and never gave up these principles. Success in production, with the guarantee of continuity, Turkey and the surrounding countries in the production of road line paint with its plant and formulas in the sector is a leader.

Our company's unchangeable principles have always been quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable price. Road marking paints and traffic markups our group companies which is engaged in the production and application of world standards, environmentally compatible technology is constantly evolving fast, and reliable service with quality standards on top of a constructive policy.

Signatekma A.S. By thanking you for your close attention and support, we will continue to serve you today and in the future.